Artist Statement

“The thing you need is often nearby.”   James Joyce


My wall sculptures reflect both my lifelong admiration for geometry and spacial composition (as a child I wanted to be an architect; my seeing has always prioritized the square, the rectangle, the triangle, the circle) and the years I spent in the world of theatre (I majored in acting instead of architecture).  My constructs are designed with significant depth so that they project from the wall, giving my dramatic collaborators—light and shadow—a chance to provide additional layers of contrast as they play within and over the pieces, depending on where the pieces are displayed.


The found materials I employ (objet trouvé say the French) carry with them an untold story as they travel on their redemptive path from a once-useful-but-now-abandoned object to become an aesthetic participant in a visual composition. The secret history of the rescued and resurrected objects adds dramatic tension to the assemblage as a whole.


The form of the work follows a game-like process over weeks or months, of weighing how the materials relate or don’t relate to each other—like an immensely enjoyable chess match. My preoccupations—playfulness, irony, and paradox—are always present. At some point the materials and I reach consensus that satisfactory artistic cohesion has been arrived at, with an arrangement that also holds for me a strong sense of emotion.


My aim is to create geometric poems that stimulate, engage, and intrigue, on both intellectual and emotional levels.